There are 6 projects we would like to bring to your attention:

1. To start new churches in the Vitebsk region near existing churches.
2. An outreach missionary work beyond our region.
3. Programs to help existing churches in their growth.
4. Literature evangelism
5. Missionary work with charities.
6. Missionary work with children.

1. Beginning of churches in new areas of Vitebsk region near existing churches.
Understanding the mission of the worldwide Seventh Day Adventist Church and knowing that God put the responsibility of spreading His message of salvation upon His remnant people, we have decided to make a high priority of organizing new churches in additional areas of the Vitebsk region. This is also the priority of the Belarus Conference.
In order to attain this goal of preaching the gospel throughout our country Belarus, we are praying and trusting God that there are SDA members in more prosperous nations, who will join with the believers in our congregations, and provide resources to fund church growth. The latter rain is falling and many precious souls are being added daily to God's remnant church. We invite you to have a part in soul winning in Belarus.
The Belarus SDA Conference has targeted four towns of the Vitebsk region for growth and development - Gorodok, Beshenkovichi, Miori, Bogushevsk.

God has many precious souls living in the 21 districts of the Vitebsk region. Our goal is to reach them in places where they live, for all of the people should hear the gospel message. We need to evangelize new areas of the region as soon as possible. You can see on the map of the Vitebsk region, that we now have only 16 SDA churches in 10 districts.
There must be an immediate thrust to work with great effort in raising churches within the other 11 districts. We have some strong congregations and we decided at a regional meeting of pastors to begin an active evangelization work of pastors with church members in new areas of the region. Below are listed the churches chosen to work in the different regions:
Congregation Vitebsk 1 will work in Liosno district,
Vitebsk 2 will work in Sennno district,
Vitebsk 3 will work in Shumilino district,
Orsha will work in Dubrovno district,
Polotsk will work in Ushach'e district,
Novopolotsk will work in Rossoni district,
Tolochin and Zaslonovo will work in town Kohanovo to open new churches there in near time.

Estimated future expenses for this project
We know from experience that people in Belarus are more open for the gospel in the months of October to April, when they are free from farming work. We have planned a major effort in those months from October through April. It will be the regular work of the pastor to head two missionary trips every month, along with a large group of active church members. We will carry a missionary library consisting of Adventist books, free literature and booklets, conduct concerts and evangelistic meetings. The plan is to have a total of 14 trips during the time period previously mentioned.
To achieve maximum results, our estimated expenses will be:
1. Trip expenses (gasoline or tickets) 200 km approximately round trip 14 times a year will cost US $10 per trip for a total $140 US currency.
2. Distribution of Free Literature and missionary libraries 14 times a year will cost US $10 per trip for a total $140 US currency.
3. Renting a home or a hall for evangelization meetings, concerts or healthy lifestyle seminars 14 times a year will cost US $10 per trip for a total $140 US currency.
4. Advertisement for evangelization meetings and seminars 14 times a year will cost US $5 per trip for a total $70 US currency.
So all the evangelistic efforts to raise new churches and save souls for God's kingdom in the new district of the Vitebsk area will cost an estimated US $490.

ere is an opportunity for you to help in the saving of souls as God has prospered you. In a poorer country like Belarus, God can do much with little. Just as Jesus fed multitudes with so little, so your financial help will go a long way to save many souls. One day in heaven, a saved brother or sister from Belarus may personally thank you because you cared enough to share.
If you have any questions, or you want to know more detailed information on how you can help raise up new churches you can write us by email . If you decide to have a part in soul winning in Belarus, we will gladly send you monthly reports and updates regarding any area program you have chosen for using the funds God has impressed you to send.

2. Missionary work on fields far from our churches.
There are many districts in the Vitebsk region, which geographically are far away from our big churches. In distance about 250 kilometers (155 miles). Because of the distances, the work inside these areas is a hardship for us. Extremely high transportation expenses limit us to trips about once a month.
These districts are next: Braslav Docshitsi Sharkovshina Glubokoye Postavi Verhnedvinsk
Because of these difficulties, we have recognized that it will be necessary to rent a place to live for a certain period of time that we can send a missionary team of active church members. These people will begin the work in these districts by literature evangelization, Bible studies, missionary libraries, healthy lifestyle seminars, communicating with all sorts of people and preaching the three angel's messages. The youth in our churches today and the active members have the capability to lead this work in the far areas within a time of just 3 months.
We are ready to organize and prepare these teams in such a way, that they could lead out in missionary work, searching for those people interested in Bible studies, and at the end a 3 month term, we will have a sufficient group of believers to establish a new home church. After the first team completes their work, the Belarus Conference could send a follow up missionary team who will work with and develop this group or home church until it reaches the level of a normal congregation.

Expenses of this project:
1. Renting a flat or home is $50 US currency a month. The three month total US $150.
2. Expenses on transportation (gasoline, tickets) US $20 a month, three month US $60.
3. Literature for free distribution and missionary libraries US $50 a month, three month will be US $150.
4. Food expense, and necessary items for 1 person would be a minimum is US $30 a month, and for three months will be US $90.

We know that this project is very expensive, so we plan to send groups of only 2-4 people, and the total expenses on raising a new church in areas where there aren't any SDA churches now, will be:
For team of 2 people: US $540, 3 people: $630, 4 people: $720.
If you have any questions, need more details or other information, or if you are ready to help open new churches in Belarus, you can write us by email
Maybe your Church, or Sabbath School class or friends would like to become partners in soul winning and raising new churches in out part of the world. We would welcome any financial help that God impresses you to give. Expenses are high, but the value of a single soul is priceless. You can help to open a new church in a region where nobody has ever heard the Adventist or even the gospel message! We will happy to send you monthly reports with pictures regarding any program in the area you choose to have your funds used

3. Projects which helps to grow existing churches.
Between 16 congregations of Vitebsk region only 8 churches has level of condition, when its can lead by itself strong missionary work. Of course for this work will be effective, Churches needs acoustic systems and portable music pianos.
Other 8 small churches has much weak base, and they have difficulties to collect enough resources to repair church sanctuaries, to buy chairs for worship halls, books for missionary libraries and free giving to people in towns where these churches are.
You can choose any of our Churches and become Sister Church for it, praying about it members and helping them. More detailed information about needs of every congregation you can find on pages of our churches

4. Literature evangelism.
We know that historically our movement was born with great help of publications of present truth, so we give big attention to spread Three angel's messge through different adventist books and tracts. The literature can preach in places what we can't reach personally and it can come in every home.
we have in our dreams to make gift of Conflict of Ages book series to at least one public library in every of 21 districts of Vitebsk region.
Expenses of this project:
Every set of Conflict of Ages book series cost 18$, and so by this amount you could donate 6 perfect books preaching SDA message to one of our districts. Complect of book sets for the region will cost 378 $. But of course we have much more libraries in our region than 21.
We have also project of distributing of book Steps to Christ to as much more homes as we can. The cost of each book is about 0,4 $, but if we will order plenty of books, the cost will be lower.

5. Charity - missionary work.
With all work we said above, we want to show that SDA Church is the organization which have many social, humanitarian and spiritual program for the society around. The problem of work in Belarus is that it is very closed country with institutions, army, schools which have closed doors for Gospel from protestant churches. Only Orthodox Church can work within. So charity work always is first step to open these doors and to preach in different institutions, so because of it charity work is very significant for the work of church and for society status of SDA Church here.
Knowing need of not only missionary direction of our work, but and social direction of ministry of Church, in places where we have good relations with leaders of organizations and institutions, we lead charity work by our possibilities.
On this moment we are working helping deaf people in Vitebsk and Polotsk (both churches has group of deaf on worships with sign translation). In these cities we have good contact with children orphanages - we usually help them by Christmas gifts, supplying food, garments and toys. In Vitebsk one of our members is a President of society of parents with ill children, and we help them when we can. There also we work in 2 youth prisons and all places where we can help. We developing this direction of ministry now in all towns where we have churches.
We are giving you this information for you could see in which base directions is developing our charity work. And if Lord is touching your heart for help in any way, or you know any charity organization with which we could co-work in ministry to deaf, orphans, children with illness, or inmates please write us an email.

6. Missionary work with children.
We understand well that the church which don't work with children don't have future life. Very significant is to teach people God's truth from the very first ages. We have two directions in missionary work for kids today: First, we registered organization "Kind Heart" in Government of Belarus, which has licensee to work with youth and kids, and in schools, education organizations, colleges and orphanages we lead work against smoking, alcohol and drug addictions with spiritual part inside.
Now our members very effectively spreading message about healthy lifestyle and happiness of moral lifestyle. Second, we begun big program of Sunday Schools - when Sunday morning we have children's lessons in our sanctuaries. Now this program is in cities of Vitebsk, Orsha, Polotsk and Lepel and we plan in near future to have Sunday School in every our prayer house. At summer we usually make summer camp meeting for children.
The biggest needs which we have in this area of ministry is any equipment for work with kids - any methodics, supplies, creative toys (especially felt pictures), any audio and video equipments, and materials. And of course if your church or you have useful methodics of children ministry, which are successful and effective in your congregations or ministries, we very need for you show it to us. If you are interested in this kind of work, or you have any questions, please write us on email


















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